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Adult High School Diploma

Student Elizabeth Santoyo, right, earns her Adult High School Diploma.
Learning Center teachers are Kandy Ono and Alissa Floyd, not pictured.
Two options are available for obtaining a high school credential:

Adult High School Diploma
...by meeting the requirements indicated below.

High School Equivalency Certificate
...by passing the HiSET Test or GED Test.

To help you determine which of the two pathways to pursue, please make an appointment with our counselor, Mr. Kane, by calling 818-203-0826. Please bring your high school transcript to the appointment so that the counselor can evaluate which requirements you have already met and which still need to be satisfied.

To earn an Adult High School Diploma, a student needs to complete 180 credits in certain subject-specific course (listed below). Note: At least 15 credits must be earned from taking classes at the adult school; for example, if a student comes to Conejo Valley Adult School needing only one-five credit class, he/she must still take two additional courses.

All our courses offered are at Standard level and meet the California State Standards. If a student passes a class, he/she receives five credits for the class, unless otherwise noted. Students take courses via the online Apex learning system, completing assignments at home or in our Learning Center, and taking all tests in Learning Center. Each student meets periodically during weekday afternoons or early evenings in our Learning Center with a credentialed teacher, serves as a case manager and mentor. The teacher is available to answer questions and offer extra help.

Note: The California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) is no longer required as a condition of receiving an adult High School Diploma, retroactive to the 2003-04 school year. California Senate Bill 172, suspending this former requirement, was signed into law Oct. 7, 2015. In the past, students had been required to pass the CAHSEE along with earning course credits in designated areas.

An alternative to an Adult High School Diploma is earning a High School Equivalency (HSE) Certificate by passing the HiSET Test or GED Test. Conejo Valley Adult School offers formal HiSET Prep classes mornings and evenings. A student should make an appointment with counselor Mr. Kane at 818-203-0826 to discuss the program and options best tailored to his or her needs.

Credits for Adult High School Diploma
Subject Credits
English 40
U.S. History 10
World History 10
American Government 5
Economics 5
Mathematics (incl. 10 credits Algebra) 30
Life Science 10
Physical Science 10
Fine Arts / Foreign Language/ CTE 10
Electives* 50
Total 180
*Elective credits previously earned in high school may include a maximum of 10 credits of Physical Education. NO adult diploma credits are given for Study Hall or Teaching Assistant.
Want to strengthen your Reading/Writing skills?
If you have earned your Adult High School Dploma but feel you'd benefit from improving your language arts skills even more, please check out our Bridge Critical Reading and Writing class.
High School Diploma vs. High School Equivalency Certificate
Which should you pursue—Diploma or High School Equivalency Certificate?
What are the requirements to earn each?
Who accepts each—Community college? Vocational programs? Employers?
Click here for a comparison chart
High School Course Directory 2019-2020 for NPHS / TOHS / WHS
This directory is for reference only; different credit and course requirements apply
for obtaining an Adult High School Diploma.
California Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
California Common Core Standards for English Language Arts
& Literacy History/Social Studies, Science & Technical Subjects
Calfornia Dept. of Education: Algebra Graduation Requirements
HS Course Directory on Algebra Requirement (see page 21, bottom box)

Note: The federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits our school personnel from sharing information about any student who is 18 years of age or older with the parent / guardian / relative of that individual without the student's express written permission. This prohibition includes progress reports, participation, attendance, and enrollment status. Only general information may be shared; e.g., courses offered, meeting dates, diploma or equivalency requirements.

Learning Center Courses
Click on course title for description*
Cred Title
5 Algebra 1A
5 Algebra 1B
5 English 1A
5 English 1B
5 English 2A
5 English 2B
5 English 3A
5 English 3B
5 English 4A
5 English 4B
5 U.S. History A
5 U.S. History B
5 American Government
5 Economics
5 World History A
5 World History B
5 Health
5 Life Science A
5 Life Science B
5 Physical Science A
5 Physical Science B
5 Geography & Cultures
5 Art Appreciation
5 Business Applications
5 Creative Writing
5 Financial Literacy
5 Math Foundations
5 Math of Personal Finance
5 Media Literacy
5 Multicultural Studies
5 Music Apprecication
5 Psychology
5 Sociology
5 Skills for Health
* from APEX Learning

For more information, please call 818-203-0826, or e-mail Sam Kane at SamK@ConejoAdultEd.org
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