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Student Spotlight
More testimonials in these programs:
Student... Computer Medical Adult Basic Ed Learning Center
Staff... Computer Medical Adult Basic Ed Community

Congratulations to our Computer Training Center graduates. From left, Cassie Walsh,
Inara Nygwynne,
Denice Yager, Margaret Borja, Dawn Lambert, Layal Khan, Anthony Rosa.
Not pictured: Susan Brooks, Carla Rivera, Pamela Sutton.

Congratulations to our April 2013 Computer Training Center graduates. Pictured with staff are: Colleen Chapetta, third from left; Kenny Aguirre; and Laura Hall.
Congratulations to Lori Rotvik, essay contest winner.
Lori receives a CVAS Computer Training Center certificate program.
Congratulations to our February/March 2013 Computer Training Center graduates. Pictured with staff are Rania Ibrahim, Patsy Carranza, and Renee Duarte. Not pictured: Daisy Oliva, Rosemary Seifert
Congratulations to our January 2013 Computer Training Center graduates: Colleen Chapetta, Jennifer Johnson, Sandie Szczepaniak, Jamie Gerrard, Jeff Gray, Daisy Oliva, Stephanie Saul, and Christine Boysen.
Congratulations to our November 2012 Computer Training Center graduates. With CTC coordinator
Cindy Wagner are, from left, Joe Moreno, Justin Ireland, Dana Ireland and David Steffen.
Not pictured: Ricardo Adrianzen and Nazila Elishmerni. Watch YouTube clip by grad Joe Moreno.
Congratulations to our September 2012 Computer Training Center graduates.
Congratulations to our March 2012 Computer Training Center graduates.
Congratulations to our December 2011 Computer Training Center graduates:
Kathleen Rainey, Kevin Sterling, Sherr Virsen
Congratulations to our November 2011 Computer Training Center graduates: Justine David, Diana Wooley, Linda Konzelman, Claugia LaBelle, and Jessa Valerio.
Congratulations to our October Computer Training Center graduates.
Congratulations to our recent Computer Training Center graduates.
Congratulations to February 2011 Computer Training Center graduates.
Congratulations to December 2010 Computer Training Center graduates. From left, Gloria Curtis, General Office Assistant; Althea Bercasio, Computerized Accounting Technician II; Blanquita Massie (CTC); Silvia Ojeda, Computerized Accounting Technician; Nancy Brown, Administrative Assistant; Cindy Wagner (CTC coordinator). Not pictured: Tara Harris, Jr. Administrative Assistant; Laura Spencer, Computerized Accounting Technican II; Senen Montes, Excel I.
Congratulations to October 2010 Computer Training Center graduates Khatereh Azarhoush,
Rakshada Malik, Sharon Beck (left), Devone Stalworth (right), Greg Rez
Congratulations to June 2010 Computer Training Center graduates Mimi Ballard, Isabelle DeWitte, Angela Juarez, Maria Perez, Leslie Routh, Leticia Sanchez, Zibad Stewart and Eilane Zavala.
CTC Graduation 4/1/10
Conejo Valley Adult School's Computer Training Center (CTC) students attend graduation ceremony for Larry Anderson, Mary Benedict, Lucia Jarquin, Nancy Murphy, Shoshana Slutske & Luz Valerio-Maldonado. Hundreds of students acquire or enhance computer skills via our CTC certificate programs & individual courses.
Conejo Valley Adult School's Computer Training Center (CTC) students attend graduation ceremony for Gayellen Davis, Vincent O'Conner, Maree Contreras, Suzanne Mouhanna and Nancy Pope.
Bonnie Brooks, Student

Excerpted from a letter to a Board member:

...I am a recent alumni of the Conejo Valley Adult School....

I was laid off in March 2009 from Pleasant Holiday's in Westlake Village due to the decline in the travel industry.  I was a computer operator and had been working there almost two years.... 

I signed up in the WIA program with EDD and was allowed to go back to school to increase my job skills.  I am very thankful to all involved with my continued education.  I have been working with computers for all my work life and it has been a dying out profession.  I was blessed to find the job above and my co-worker from 2nd shift was also let go (she had over 8 years with the company).  She was also in school with me.  We completed the Computerized Accounting Technician II program, which gave us experience in MS Office Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Accounting and Quickbooks. 

I now have the opportunity to find work in other fields and have more confidence in my abilities. 

I write this letter to you in behalf of my wonderful teachers and staff. 

This school has provided so much training and opportunities for so many, it is important to keep this institution running.  The community needs this school to stay open and to continue to provide training and support. 

The other special gift the school has provided is the blessing to have met wonderful people and develop close relationships with them. I am blessed that I made the choice to go to this school above all the others I interviewed with.

Donald Guss, Student

Excerpted from a letter to a Board member:

...The students [in my Computer Training Center program] are bright and eager to learn. There is no good reason why these individuals are not fully employed and realizing their professional potential. Retraining is, of course, a natural process. Done in an orderly fashion, it is often a very rewarding experience....[W]e feel very fortunate that our department and program does indeed supply us with a dedicated staff of educators and the most nurturing learning environment I have ever had the pleasure of participating in. I feel empowered by the experience and despite these difficult economic times, I now feel that I have acquired a skill-set, an expertise, that gives me a fighting chance to reclaim and even improve my position in the workforce.

...Anyone who joins this institution is well served. You, the Board Members of Conejo Valley Unified School District, have the ability to promote and facilitate the worthwhile goals of this institution and in particular the Computer Training Center at Conejo Valley Adult Education...

...The program at Conejo Valley Adult School is fabulous and a cut above all the others that were presented to me. I have recently been on two interview after a prolonged period of unemployment. I credit the new found interest to my upgraded skill set provided the program. Actually, the whole experience has brought me full circle; My mother, who recently passed away, attended ‘Blake Business School’ while she was unemployed in the 1970’s and trying to raise 4 children. She could not afford a sitter, so there were times that I was placed at a back table with crayons while she learned to type and take shorthand. I remember that the graduation music was Helen Reddy’s ‘I am Woman’, which was very apropos. I am so proud of her life’s accomplishments and her resolute spirit inspires me through these difficult times. It was the skills that she learned, in a very similar economic environment, that turned our family’s fortune from desperate to manageable. There are so many students in my class that reflect my childhood experience...."



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