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Student Testimonials
Excel Skills

I wanted to pass along a compliment to Conejo's curriculum as well as the instructors. I took an intermediate Excel test at Robert Half yesterday and performed very well on it (although I was surprised that there were only two questions related to pivot tables and none on functions, formulas, or lookups). I was glad to get into the [Office Manager] program when I did - it certainly has improved my excel skills.

Kevin Hillengass

Organizing Digital Photos

The digital photo organizing Basic class was very informative.  It was just what I needed to get my act together to start organizing my photos from all different sources.  Cindy Wagner explained it in a way, to make it not such a daunting task.  I have already started organizing with her great tips! Thanks Cindy!

Lori Marshall

Office Assistant

I had a really great experience in the Office Assistant class with Chris Hague.  Although I have been working in an office environment for many years, I learned so much more about the programs that I had been using.  The information that I have obtained will definitely benefit me in my career.  Additionally, Chris is very professional, patient and passionate about his job which made this class so much easier and fulfilling.

Katrina Dixon

Excel in the Evening

Felt that the teacher [Kimberly Tash] made every effort to make sure students felt free to question her about the material and presentation. She was extremely animated, which added to the presentation. Made personal effort to make sure no one was left behind.

John Shelton

Website Classes

I must tell you that I have thoroughly enjoyed all your classes in Website Design, HTML/CSS, and the two Java Script classes I have attended.  You are a great teacher and have completely giving me the knowledge to understand what I call the “Secret Sauce” in building websites.  I look forward to attending your class, if it offered in the future, on WordPress.

John Christie
Christie Developers, LLC

Office Manager

I learnt so much, your teachers are amazing.

Beau Daniels (Bernadette)

Offered a Full-Time Position

I interviewed with three businesses in Simi and was offered a full-time position as a Case Manager/Quality Assurance. I started two weeks ago and have already used the skills CVAE showed me which include Quickbooks.  So far I look forward to going to work every morning. I am anxious to make CVAE proud of me because without your offered programs, I would not have received the training I needed.

Irene Rivera-Walker

IT Support Technician

I learned a lot about IT help desk support I wouldn't have known earlier. The instructor presented the material in a way that was clear and provided real-world examples.

Clay Taylor

Administrative Assistant Certificate

I can’t say enough about my positive experience at Conejo Valley Adult Education. I attended the Administrative Assistant Course, and the faculty and staff were stellar. They went above and beyond the curriculum, and really cared about the students and our desire to learn, and they were so dependable in guiding me through each course. Because of Conejo Valley Adult Education, and the skills I have learned, I now have two jobs, one as a Client Service Coordinator at a Business Advisors and CPA office and the other as a Concierge at a Country Club. I am so grateful and I highly recommend this school to anyone!

Tricia Asadurian

Office Manager

I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend the Conejo Valley Adult School and participate in the 22 week Office Manager course. I learned skills that are in high demand in the local job market and received support and encouragement along the way way from the wonderful instructors and staff, as well as making treasured friends. I am now working as an Office Manager for a CPA firm in Westlake Village, performing a large spectrum of duties that I could not have done without my courses at the adult school. Equally important is the confidence that I now have, and I enjoy sharing what I have learned with interns and new staff.

Janis Greene

Excel—Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

I am currently working as a Data Mapper and I know for a fact it was the Excel certification that got me the job.

Vonne Blazier



Chris Hague is an excellent teacher, just the right temperament and breadth of knowledge to help us with all our crazy questions and our different paces of learning. I am very grateful for his teaching.

Janet F.


Word Basics

I enjoyed the class. Kimberly was a great teacher! I may come back for Excel Basics in April.

Harriet K.


Office Manager

I been meaning to email my letter to you. I wanted to let you know after graduating from Conejo Adult School in June. I'm now working full time at Anthem as a Underwriter Assistant. By going back to school and brushing up on my Microsoft office applications skills was the best thing that I could have done. Since completing the Office Manager course and getting my certificate at Conejo Adult School, the outcome of companies looking at my resume and getting calls for interviews has been very positive for me. I just want to say thanks to you and staff.

Rhonda Harrington



My position is Accounts Payable utilizing QuickBooks but also includes assisting the owner of the company with a variety of tasks. Thank you all for providing me with the new and updated skillsets I needed to land a job.

Linda D.



I got a full time job. I really love it and would not have gotten job without the classes I took. You guys are the BEST!

Margarita Betancourt





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