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'My students come in... thirsty for the language & grateful for their teachers. ...It's like going on vacation & traveling every day.'
— Laura Cifuentes, Teacher

Lauryl Buckel, Teacher

"All roads lead to Rome" holds true for Lauryl Buckel, our ESL instructor who has taught Beginning Literacy, Beginning Vocabulary, Idioms (American expressions) and Citizenship. With her diverse background as a foundation, that destination is really home at the Adult School, the center of her teaching universe.

With an Associate of Arts degree at Valley College, Lauryl moved on to UCLA, where she began as a History major. Concurrently, she ended up taking numerous Psychology and Sociology courses, fascinated with those subjects. She eventually transferred to Cal State University Northridge and earned Bachelor's degrees in those two fields. As a Psychology major, Lauryl's required fieldwork during her last
2 years in colege included working in both public and private psychiatric


hospitals as well as the United Cerebral Palsy program where she first learned about Adult Education.

After graduation, her decision to pursue a career in education took Lauryl back to UCLA where she obtained a Ryan Teaching Credential, which enables her to teach designated subjects in the humanities area, such as
English/Language Arts, Social Studies and even Gerontology.

While attending college and continuing for a decade, Lauryl was employed as a sales representative for Chanel, Calvin Klein and Giorgio. Her accounts included various upscale department stores in Beverly Hills and vicinity, where she was in charge of setting up and stocking fragrance department displays and monitoring product inventory.

Lauryl's teaching career began at Rinaldi Street Elementary, working with ESL students. She was eventually hired at the Kennedy/San Fernando High School Adult Education program to teach ESL courses in Advanced English and Citizenship. Rounding out her busy 14-hour-a-day schedule, Lauryl functioned as the activity director for the geriatric clientele at a sanitarium.

Armed with the wisdom of the (adolescent through older adult) ages, Lauryl began working at the Adult School in January 1996, initially as a Learning Center teacher, assisting Concurrent, Adult High School Diploma and GED students with their studies, which she did for 15 years. In addition, she has worked in the school's call center, fielding inquiries about our programs, courses and registration. There was nowhere to go but into a classroom teaching position, where Lauryl has worked educational magic within her four walls. Ongoing, she serves double-duty 2 nights a week administering CASAS testing and registering students.

"I absolutely love teaching and shaping my students' knowledge of the language and culture, opening up the world to them and seeing them blossom and broaden their understanding," says Lauryl, In her Citizenship course, she uses creative techniques, approaching the subject matter like a puzzle, using a historical timeline, along with musical elements. Looking at it objectively, she remarks "This is the type of class that I never had when I was in school, but wished I would've had." Teaching, as she describes it, is effortless and from which she derives much pleasure and gratification. In fact, she feels like she's entertaining her students, all of whom she describes as warm and wonderful. She won the jackpot of sorts when she was awarded the California Lottery's 2003 Exceptional Educator Award, which she received during the Big Spin.

Lauryl's husband Craig, who she met while attending UCLA, is in the advertising field, working for Nielsen Research's trade show division. Her daughter Mary Elizabeth, 10 and sons Christopher, 9 and Patrick, 7 attend school at St. Jude the Apostle.

Her love of genealogy has led Lauryl to tracing her family history and roots through Ancestry.com. She enjoys reading, especially mystery detective stories and anything history-related. Her being a big sports fan, she indulges in watching and cheering on her kids at their respective practices and games. Although Lauryl's a UCLA alum, she's a fan of watching and rooting for USC's football team, as various family members had attended that school. Entertaining is another favorite activity of hers, and she has a good time throwing parties. Around the winter holidays she spends a good deal of time and effort decorating more than a dozen themed Christmas trees with her collection of ornaments.

It is evident from Lauryl's full and varied life experiences that she pursues what comes her way with passion. She brings this enthusiasm, energy and creativity to her classroom, where she serves as an inspiration to her students and helps them along their own path to enlightenment.


Laura Cifuentes, Teacher


It was destiny for Laura Cifuentes, ESL instructor, to enter the teaching profession.

It all began at age 14.  Experiencing some difficulties with her Spanish class in school. she agreed to accompany her mother, Ruth, to Conejo Valley Adult School, where mom was employed. Working as a classroom aide and being immersed in the curriculum helped Laura strengthen her Spanish language skills, and she passed her class with flying colors.  This was the inspirational spark that eventually led her on the journey to her future career.

Laura received her Bachelor's degree with a major in Spanish and minor in English from California Lutheran University.  Subsequently, she moved to Guatemala where, through coursework taken at the American School there, she earned a Master's degree in

education from Framingham College (the U.S.'s first teacher's college) in a program involving a special agreement between the two institutions.  While working on her degree in Guatemala, she taught high school English for 8 years.  The total-immersion experience of having lived and worked in a Spanish-speaking country really helped to solidify Laura's facility with the language. That and her educational preparation would be brought into play as she entered the teaching profession.

After returning to the states, Laura was hired by Los Cerritos Middle School, where for 2 years she taught ESL, English, Social Studies and remedial Reading.  Concurrently, she was teaching ESL at the Adult School for 6 years before she took a hiatus, returning in 1995 to continue her teaching career.  
In working with the students in her day and evening Level 4 Intermediate /High classes, Laura helps them to master their English-language skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking, all of which prepare them to take the GED or go on to Moorpark College.  In addition to her instructional role, she is in charge of developing curriculum and setting up the EL Civics testing, and as a mentor, helps the other teachers use technology in their classrooms to improve their teaching.

Laura says she just loves the students she works with.  "They come in every night, thirsty for the language and grateful for their teachers. They're such interesting people, with different beliefs and cultures.  It's like going on vacation and traveling every day."  The fact that her students come back to class voicing their appreciation for lessons she taught them that made their lives easier makes it all worth the effort.

Raul, Laura's husband of 8 years, whom she met in Guatemala while attending school there, works in the production lab at Baxter Pharmaceutical and is working on an MBA at CLU.  They have 2 children--4-year-old Mario, who attends pre-school and Ana, 1½, both of who have a close relationship with "Nana," Laura's mom, who is their frequent babysitter.  Between mom and grandma, perhaps there's another generation of teachers in the works?  

Some of Laura's favorite leisure-time activities include traveling, camping, baking and reading, especially mystery novels.  She's certainly well-traveled, having sojourned to Spain, Italy, England, Germany, Holland and almost all of the countries in Latin America.

From the days as her mother's classroom aide all the way to a teaching career of more than two decades after traveling the globe, Laura has come full circle to benefit and enrich the lives of new generations of international students who pass through her classroom on their own journeys toward a better life. 


Irene Freeman, Literacy Center Coordinator, Teacher

Irene Freeman has worked at Adult Ed since 1989, where she has taught every level of ESL, including TOEFL preparation. She graduated from Thousand Oaks High School (and was a classmate of Mike Waters, Adult School Principal!), then attended UCLA where she earned a B.A. in English. She subsequently received her Master’s in English at Cal State University, Northridge.

Irene’s career started with a two-year Peace Corps-sponsored English teaching commitment in Morocco. She then taught ESL at a private school in Santa Monica for one year, after which she taught ESL to French businessmen at a community college in Liverpool, England. While there, she received the Royal Society of Arts certificate.

After returning to the U.S., she settled in Thousand Oaks with her British husband, Ray, who had given up his practice as a lawyer to be a banker

in the States. They had three children—two sons, currently in college, and one daughter, now post-collegiate.

At Adult Ed, Irene trains the tutors who work with students by imparting methodology of teaching, giving them advice, and showing them what materials to use with their tutees.

She also assists students in their endeavor to learn to read English, testing them on their progress.

Irene greatly enjoys working with foreign students and loves the camaraderie of her colleagues. As one might guess, she loves every aspect of the English language, and belongs to a book club. She likes to read and write fiction, and even had a short story published in a university magazine years ago. Additionally, she is quite fond of going out for high tea.


Patricia Chamness, Teacher


Patricia Chamness has been an instructor at Adult Ed for 10 years. She is an ESL teacher for GED Math classes.

Patricia currently teaches three evening sessions a week, year-round. Her students are often those who don’t have transportation to Adult School and in some cases need child care, which is accomodated. The class is multi-level and includes both new students and ones Patricia has had for years.

Patricia attended the Krannert School of Business at Purdue University, earning a B.S. and Master’s in Management with an emphasis in Marketing. She started her career in the business field, working with companies and banks in both Illinois and Florida. When she came to California, she concentrated on fundraising with non-profit institutions, giving presentations for the United Way.

Her most recent endeavor has been the completion of the Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment Program, through which she has earned a preliminary designated subjects adult education teaching credential.

Patricia believes that with the support of Bette Empol and other members of the Adult Ed staff, she has truly been able to positively impact her students.

Patricia’s work with her students beyond class time has led her to the position of facilitator of the Conejo Creek Providers group, which incorporates multiple organizations that collaborate to improve the lives of Conejo Creek residents. Patricia is also involved with the United Way of Ventura County, the National Charity League, and the Assistance League of Conejo Valley. For the past six years, she has served on the Emergency Food and Shelter Board of Ventura County. Having been raised abroad in Caracas, Venezuela, she takes special interest in helping those who face various challenges trying to adapt to a new home country.

Patricia enjoys traveling, serving as a bilingual translator, and exercising. She is married and has 28-year-old twins, a dog, and two cats.


Donna Dearborn, Teacher

  Donna Dearborn, who teaches Intermediate High and Advanced level ESL, is now teaching the GED class. Donna attended Santa Monica College and received her Bachelor’s Degree from UCLA, and later her teaching credential from CSUN. In addition, she attended graduate school for two years in pursuit of a degree in Chinese Medicine.

Early on, Ms. Dearborn served as Graduate Counselor in the Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese at UCLA, which was an exciting and rewarding experience. In 2001, she started working as an English consultant, offering editing and language instruction in the business community.

Her initial years with CVUSD were with Westlake High School, as their ESL teacher from 1991 to 1995. When she began teaching adults in 1995, she was given the opportunity to mentor F-1 Visa International Students and to oversee their transition to Moorpark College.
The Advanced Writing class, which she both designed and taught for 13 years, helped bridge the gap between ESL and the needs of college students. She also created and taught Business English classes for many years, offered through CVAE Community Service.

"I am pleased to be part of this dedicated staff and immensely helpful program, which serves as a very important step in the lives of those adults in our community who have identified English acquisition as an essential key to their future. I meet highly educated and professional people whose only limitation is English. They desperately need what our school can provide--English as a Second Language instruction.

Many of my former students complete the GED or go directly to Moorpark College with adult school being their greatest lifetime schooling experience prior to moving on. Most are able to get better jobs as a direct result of improving their language skills, and many become U.S. citizens after learning English with us. It’s rewarding for me to serve my community in this way. The teachers at adult school become the image of Americans to many newcomers, and these immigrants are very grateful to find such caring, helpful, and professional teachers at CVAE."

Ms. Dearborn is the proud mother of two sons. Ben, who is a musician and songwriter attending Moorpark College, plans to transfer to a music school. Gabe, age 22, a classically trained chef at Le Cordon Bleu, has excelled as the Executive Chef of The Canyon in Malibu for 2 ½ years.

Donna is passionate about health, the environment, exercise, nutrition, and organic farming. Her students will hear pointers on maintaining their good health and suggestions on what to avoid as much as what to embrace. "We can all make appropriate choices as long as we are provided with the knowledge that much of our welfare depends on our own doing." She believes we must take responsibility to help ourselves, others, and planet Earth.

Debby Benesch, Teacher

Debby Benesch had her first taste of teaching ESL while serving with the Peace Corps, post-college, in Korea circa 1973. It was total immersion: After a 12-week crash course in Korean and a bit of time as a mentee under more seasoned Corps volunteers, she lived with a non-English-speaking Korean family in a traditional Korean household in the city of Daegu. From home, she commuted by public transportation to teach English at an all-girls middle school. She conducted workshops for teachers at the school as well, collaborating with the instructors there to develop methods of second-language acquisition. She also had the opportunity to do the same at schools in smaller towns.

“It was a wonderful experience,” Debby says. “I learned so much from [the teachers]. And it was fun to travel to different towns and villages and interact.”

Debby remained in Korea for a few years, finally returning to the United States and earning her TESOL certificate and teaching credential at UCLA. She was then hired to teach ESL and literacy classes through Centinela Valley Adult School, its various locations in Hawthorne, Lawndale, and Lennox. She often biked between locales to teach different shifts throughout the day.

She worked with the school for the next 35 years, even commuting 90 miles (total distance to work and back every day) for the last eight, having moved from the Centinela Valley to her native Thousand Oaks to help take care of her aging parents.

“The commute was getting to me, but I loved my job,” Debby says, describing 16-hour days that started at 5:30 a.m.

The taxing drive and the adult school’s changing landscape, including lack of funds, signaled that a change was not only needed in one respect but imminent in another, so Debby decided to retire. It was certainly a shift in pace for her, and it took some adjustment.

“It took about six months to get used to it,” she says.

When the opportunity arose for her to tutor on a volunteer basis through the Conejo Adult School Literacy Program, she gladly accepted. She also began substitute teaching at Adult School and has been here ever since. In addition to her teaching post, she volunteers with the Conejo Senior Volunteer Program (CSVP) which operates from the Goebel Center. Through this commitment she volunteers at the library, cataloguing in Special Collections. She also volunteers at the Oaks Mall Conejo Connections booth, a resource “for and about the community,” Debby says.

One of her recent extracurricular pursuits has been learning wheel-throwing at Echo Ceramics in Westlake, a throwback (no pun intended) to similar pottery classes she took decades ago as an undergraduate at UCSB.
“In a funny way it’s kind of Zen, you know what I mean?” Debby says. “It’s a good way of focusing.”

Also in the vein of the arts and humanities, Debby looks forward to visiting England soon in order to plug back into a UCSB Extension theatre-going program she partook of in her college years. Having majored in English with an emphasis on Shakespeare, Debby savored the program at the time, noting that within the four- to six-week timeframe, she and her travel mates attended 20 plays—either from the Shakespeare or classics repertoire—including Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, and Coriolanus.

She loved the experience so much that she returned to England yearly from about 1984 to 2004, each time taking in many plays and delighting in the accompanying speakers’ series that often featured Patrick Stewart and Ralph Fiennes. She highly anticipates the upcoming trip.


Alejandra Hernandez, Aide

Alejandra Hernandez, once a student in our ESL program, is a happy-ever-after success story, now holding a multi-faceted position in the department. She helps with registering new and continuing students, administering the CASAS testing program for student placement, grading the students' EL Civics exams, preparing forms for CASAS and TOPSPro reports, as well as performing a variety of data entry tasks related to those program areas and utilizing her expert skills as a translator when called upon. Additionally, Alejandra is one of our school's GED and Pearson VUE test administrators, monitoring various standardized examinations.

At Mexico's Universidad de Juarez, Alejandra majored in Accounting and earned her Bachelor's degree in Administration and Accounting. While still in college and having (admittedly) little work experience for the job to


which she applied, she made such an impression and was subsequently hired in the human resources department of a large manufacturer of bedspreads, quilts, sportswear and baby clothing. As time went on, she expressed an interest in applying her quantitative skills, and after 2 years of working with personnel matters, Alejandra was transferred to the payroll department where she was eventually promoted to overseeing its operations. Her speedy ascent to a supervisory position was achieved because of the willingness of her employer to give her an opportunity to gain experience, upon which she proceeded to follow up with conscientiousness and a strong work ethic.

After employment in that capacity for some 6 years, Alejandra relocated to the United States with her husband as a result of a company job transfer to their Agoura location. Settling into their new home of Westlake Village, it wasn't long before Alejandra, who wished to improve her language skills, started taking English classes at the Adult School. Starting in Beginning Literacy, within 2½ years she progressed to the Advanced Level 5.

Just before finishing the program, she was interviewed by the school district's ESL director, and 3 weeks later was hired as an instructional assistant at Manzanita Elementary, where she worked for 4 years. During this time, an evening position in the Adult School ESL department became available, and Alejandra jumped at the opportunity. Starting in September 1998, she had only taken time off when her children were born. When she returned to her evening working hours, her husband stayed home with the kids and played "Mr. Mom."

There is a lot about Alejandra's current job that she finds gratifying, especially having experienced language acquisition education from the student perspective. "Because I was once studying here at the Adult School, it's really so good when I see our students learning English and becoming successful."

Juan, Alejandra's husband of 16 years, is a software engineer with an IBM-owned company. Both children, 8-year-old son Josue, a 3rd grader, and Isabella, age 6 and in 1st grade, attend Westlake Hills Elementary. Family-related activities plays a big part in Alejandra's life. In the after-school hours, she's busy transporting her aspiring soccer players to their respective practices and games, cheering for them on the sidelines. Friday evenings are designated as "family movie night" whereby Josue and Isabella get to take turns each week selecting the viewing fare, which is usually suited to their own age-related tastes. On occasion, Alejandra and Juan venture out to the theater to catch a movie that they like or might rent something to watch at home. Activities such as quilting and sewing are pursuits she finds relaxing, therapeutic, as well as rewarding to round out her busy schedule.

As a result of the opportunities that came her way and the chances she had to prove herself, Alejandra reached her goals with flying colors. Her successful educational, career and personal journey demonstrates that hard work and determination pay off. In this sense, she continues to serve as a role model to the student clientele, and is an important part of the fabric of the ESL program.


Clay Hempill, Teacher
Clay Hempill has been teaching in the Conejo Valley for over 40 years. After graduating from UCSB in the wake of the Vietnam War, he avoided the draft by pursuing his teaching credential at Cal Lutheran. He then became instrumental in establishing the Project Head Start program in Oxnard and Ventura, acting as head teacher and charged with such tasks as finding physical places to hold class and hiring staff.

As teacher, Clay worked with the program’s target youth: children of migrant farm workers. Most of the kids spoke no English, and many of them had never attended preschool, nor grown up reading books. It was Clay’s responsibility to help bridge them into kindergarten, and experiential learning was key to their preparedness.

“It was in the days of no seatbelts, no permission slips,” Clay says. “I had a VW van and I’d pile the kids in and go to dairies, the beach, the zoo.”

Clay continued his career at Wildwood Elementary School where he taught from 1972 through his retirement, having instructed at every grade level. He currently substitute teaches at various grade levels in every subject from Algebra to Social Studies. Along the way, he has encountered some vaguely familiar faces.

“I’m now teaching the kids and grandkids of my former students,” Clay says.

In his spare time, Clay loves home improvement projects, anything from building new rooms to total remodeling.

“Everything under the sun,” Clay says. “I like to build, I like to destroy.”

He enjoys playing guitar with friends, and riding his Honda Rebel motorcycle. He also loves to travel and has been all over Europe and many parts of the U.S. He speaks Spanish and German, the latter of which he learned to get to know his natively German mother-in-law.


Karen Abbitt, Teacher

Karen Abbitt teaches Conejo Adult School's Bridge Pre-Algebra class and the summer GED math class. She is also in her 18th year as a math teacher at Sequoia Middle School and is department chair there as well.

She graduated from Chico State, having majored in Math and minored in Social Science. One thing was clear from the get-go:

"I've always known I've wanted to work with people…and help," Karen says.

The initial thought was that she would pursue work in social services, but she found herself getting so emotionally involved in the work content that she realized the profession would be too taxing to sustain in the long-term. A professor of hers had also joked that she'd never be able to find an apartment on the low wages she'd be earning in the field—food for thought that additionally contributed to her decision to seek out another line of work.

The teaching route it was, and Karen set off backpacking through Europe with a friend before they both settled into student teaching at St. Brigid's Boys' School in Dublin, Ireland. They completed their work in six months and headed back to the States, Karen starting postgraduate work at UCSB. She left that in abeyance in light of motherhood but sought out teaching positions instead, finding her first job at Ascension Lutheran. She taught there five years before transferring to Sequoia where she has been ever since.

"I love middle school kids," Karen says, "And my passion is to find some way to get them to connect to math."

Her work at Sequoia has her instructing the highest and lowest level students, including a special Saturday group of pupils in the ELD (ESL) population who struggle in math in connection with their struggles in English. Now in her second year at CVAS, Karen says she has found "a whole new world" teaching adults.

"It's so rewarding—instant reward," Karen says. "I can go [to Adult School] in such a funk, feeling rotten, and I leave feeling great."

Helping students move forward with their math education has led to mutually satisfying results, Karen notes.

"My first student that took the GED and passed it—I was so excited! I just love it—getting these students to enjoy math, when they never really have."

Karen encourages prospective Adult School students to come observe a class, noting that visitors to her classroom have always returned.


Amy Montaño, Teacher

Amy Montaño has been an ESL instructor at Adult School for one year. She currently teaches Beginning Literacy. She greatly enjoys meeting students that come to Adult Ed from a vast array of countries. She also likes working with her colleagues.

Amy holds an A.A. in Liberal Arts from Oxnard College, a B.A. in History from Cal State Northridge, and a single-subject teaching credential in Social Science from Cal Lutheran University. She is currently earning her Master's degree in Education at Cal Lutheran.

In her free time, Amy enjoys traveling, seeing movies with her family, camping, and bowling.


Tracy Borkovec, Teacher

  Tracy Borkovec has led a life marked by service to others, bridging gaps between peoples regardless of heritage or place of origin. A one-month-long summer service trip in her high school days to the Papago Indian Reservation in Arizona acted as the foundation for helping others in a meaningful way and traveling to places such as Germany, Switzerland, Scotland, England, Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Turkey and Japan, to name a few.

In college she went on a service trip to Mexico where she helped in the painting and building of houses. She graduated from college—Westmont College—having minored in English Literature, majored Liberal Studies, and holding a preliminary teaching credential. She finished her credential education at CSUN and went on to teach school for 10 years, first at Lutheran School of the Foothills in Sunland (mainly at the 6th grade level, but also at the 7th and 8th grade levels) and later 4th grade at Oak Hills Elementary in the Oak Park District, plus 3rd and 4th at Red Oak Elementary as one of the original teachers. There she helped create the school mascot, motto, and other school elements.

Tracy's friend, Maria Spence (another Conejo Adult School teacher), thought Tracy would be a great fit for the ESL program at Adult School based on her love of different cultures and travel, so Tracy gave it a try. She is now involved with multiple aspects of the program, working with the beginning, middle, and advanced students at Level 2 and the middle and advanced students at Level 4—daytime and evening both—preparing them in areas such as grammar, writing, pronunciation, speech, and pre-GED subject matter.

Tracy's mother, sister, and brother have all worked in the field of education, so Tracy's involvement might not seem surprising, yet she believes it is more than just a coincidence.

"I think [teaching] is more of a calling than a job," Tracy says. "It's what you love to do versus punching a clock."

She finds her experience at Adult School very inspiring, namely forming working relationships with students and seeing them grow.

"I try to make learning engaging and fun," says Tracy. "[The students] inspire me. It's amazing to see their life transformed through education and opportunities they didn't know were there. Helping them achieve—that is so exciting."

Ultimately, Tracy believes the process is about possibilities and she encourages prospective students to give the program a try. Her students come from all over the world—China, Mexico, Guatemala, Korea, Japan, Iran.

"The students work so hard. It's exciting to open their perspective to working toward pathways to better jobs," Tracy says. "There's a real sense of community [here]; other students know what it's like to be in a new country, to miss people back home. It's worth the risk to try. There's a real support system."

Outside of teaching, Tracy enjoys reading, hiking, and volleyball. She also still makes service trips; this spring (2013), she and her two teenage children and husband of 20 years will travel to Rancho Sordo Mudo—a boarding school in Ensenada for deaf and mute children ages 5 through 18—to help with everything from repairing fences to encouraging the teachers to playing board games and soccer with the kids.

Interviews and articles by E. Kane & B. Kane
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