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Upcoming HiSET test dates
All below test dates canceled
due to coronavirus concerns.
Tuesday March 24, 2020
Tuesday April 21, 2020
Thursday April 23, 2020
Tuesday May 12, 2020
Thursday May 14, 2020
Tuesday May 26, 2020
Thursday May 28, 2020
Conejo Valley Adult School offers HiSET testing on certain dates. All testing takes place in our Test Center, which is the Room 10 Computer Lab. Advance registration required; see middle column.
What is the deadline to sign up for a given test date?
The deadline for establishing a HiSET account online, as well as for coming in person to the Adut School main office to register, is one week prior to the test date.
What is the HiSET® Test?
Where do I take the test?
The High School Equivalency Test— HiSET® measures high-school-level knowledge and skills. The HiSET, which is taken on computer in our on-campus computer Test Center, consists of 5 subtests / subject areas: Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.
What is a passing score
on the HiSET®?
To pass the HiSET ® test you need a scaled score of 8 (out of 20) on each of the five tested subjects and a combined scaled score of 45. The maximum possible score for the entire five-subject test is 100, with each subject will have a score range of 1 to 20. In achieving the aforementioned scores, you will have met the requirements for earning a High School Equivalency Certificate.
How long is the HiSET?
Not counting breaks, the time allotted for the HiSET test is 7 hours, 5 minutes. Here is the time breakdown of the sections:
Subtest Time (min.)
(calculator use allowed)
Reading 65
Writing 120
Science 80
Social Studies 70
How many questions
are on the HiSET?
Here is the breakdown of the number of questions in the sections:
Subtest # questions

55 MC*
Reading 50 MC*
Writing—Part 1 60 MC*
Writing—Part 2 1 essay
Science 60 MC*
Social Studies 60 MC*
* MC = multiple choice
More details
Additional info for test takers
After I take the HiSET, where do I get the results, and how long does it take?
You get your results by going to your online account—the account you established to enter your demographic information and to sign up for the test. It takes only a day to find out your HiSET test results, except for the Writing section, which can take 5 to 10 days (but often takes only about 3 days).
HiSET® Test Accommodations
Click here for information about accommodations requests.
HiSET Accommodations Request Form (PDF)
Test with us...
The HiSET® Test is available at Conejo Valley Adult School, which is an official HiSET® Testing Center. (ETS is the publisher of the HiSET.) HiSET® Prep Classes are available for those who need classroom instruction to help them pass the HiSET® Test and earn a High School Equivalency Certificate. Please note: All HiSET testing at Conejo Valley Adult School is on computer & offered in English only.

Registration for the HiSET test
is a two-step process:
1) Set up an account at hiset.ets.org
2) Come to our adult school main office during normal business hours to register and pay.
The HiSET test is taken at our school on computer but not online.

Details about HiSET® registration & testing

....... .
....... .
1) Establish an account:
....... .
....Go to hiset.ets.org
....• Click the "For Test Takers" button/tab at the top of page.
....• Click the blue "Sign In / Sign Up" button on right.
....• Click the blue "Create an Account" button on right.
....• Follow the onscreen directions.
Please note: The name you use in setting up this online account must exactly .......match with the spelling of your name on your government-issued identifiation ...... (please see "Acceptable forms of identification" below).
....• Print the HiSET demographic information page, which ...............shows your HiSET ID#. Or else, you can just write the ID#
.......on a piece of paper
This ID# is assigned to you at the time you create your account.
....... .
2) Come in person* to the Conejo Valley Adult School
.....main office during normal business hours to register for .............the HiSET, bringing the following items:
*You may have someone else come in your place.
....... .

• A government-issued identification.
Please see section below titled "Acceptable forms of identification to register."
Note: Spelling of the name on this identification must match exactly with how .......the name was spelled when the HiSET account was established online.
....• The printout of the demographic page with your HiSET ..... .......ID#, or just the handwritten ID#.
....Test fee. Please see below section titled "Test Fees."

Dates/Times of Testing:
As part of the registration process, you will be given a choice of dates and times to take the test. Please refer to upper left of this page, under "Upcoming test dates and times.

Location of Testing: Conejo Valley Adult School, on the school premises in our Test Center, which is the Room 10 Computer Lab, on south side of building. (On the other hand, you register for the test in the school's Main Office.)

Available subtests on any one testing day: You will need to specify which subtests you want to take on each day you are testing. Please see the section below, titled "What combination of tests may be taken...?" The office staff member will ask you for this information at the time you register.

Deadline to register: The deadline for establishing a HiSET account online, as well as for coming in person to the Adult School main office to register, is one week prior to the test date.

Contact phone number for HiSET: If you experience difficulties with establishing your online HiSET account, please phone 1-855-MyHiSET (1-855-694-4738).

The HiSET is taken at our school on computer but not online.
....... .
HiSET® age requirements
A student may take the HiSET test if he/she has not graduated from high school and meets one of the following requirements:
• 18 years of age or older
• within 60 days of turning 18
• currently or would be a member of a high school class due to graduate within 60 days (the examinee testing under this criterion cannot be enrolled in school)
• 17 years of age, not enrolled in school for 60 consecutive days, and provides a letter of request from the military, postsecondary educational institution, or an employer requesting the test.
Acceptable forms of identification
to register for HiSET® Test

A candidate MUST be a California resident and MUST provide one of the following forms of identification at the time of registration as well as at the time of testing:

A current:
1. California driver license.
2. California identification card (can be obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles).
U.S. military-issued ID card.
4. U.S. or foreign government issued ID card (such as a Matricula Consular card).
5. Passport
(U.S. or foreign government issued).
6. Post-secondary school
(college) issued ID card.

The identification must be current and must include name, birthdate, picture, address and signature.

Please note: The spelling of the name on this identification must match exactly with how the name was spelled when the HiSET account was established online.

In the event that California residency cannot be verified with just one of the above, proof of residency must be provided by bringing an additional document, such as home loan document, rental agreement, electricity/gas/phone bill, bank or insurance statement, car registration, etc.

For instance, if you bring in a current foreign-issued passport that has your name, photo, birthdate, and signature but not a California address, you still need to bring that passport plus, say, a utility bill showing a California address.

The following documents are not acceptable as primary or supplemental ID under any circumstances: •• Any document that is photocopied •• International driver's license •• Draft classification card •• International student ID •• Credit/debit card of any kind •• Notary-prepared letter or document •• Birth certificate •• Social Security card

What should you do if you have a valid, non-expired driver license, but it's from another State, and you don't have any of the other documents listed in #s 1-6 above? In that case, please bring two of the following items: 1) the out-of-state license, so long as it is valid/non-expired and has your photo and signature; and 2) at least one of these items: temporary ID from Calif. Dept. of Motor Vehicles; Calif. vehicle registration; or Calif. utility bill, rental agreement, or bank/insurance statement--so long as the current address is contained in the document.

What to bring each time you come in for testing
Please bring the above identification(s) every time you come in for any session of testing for the HiSET; we can administer the test only if you have identification.
Test Fees
There are two payment-related situations:

1) If you are a first-time HiSET test-taker at Conejo Valley Adult School, the total fee for the test is $140, payable in advance (cash, VISA credit/debit, or Mastercard credit/debit). The HiSET consists of 5 subtests, and you may take each subtest on a different day, or else take more than one subtest on the same test day. This fee includes 2 free retests per subtest if, and only if, the entire test is taken at Conejo Valley Adult School and only if the subtest was not passed.  (These free retests must be taken within 12 months of the original test date.)

2) If you took all or part of the HiSET at another test center but take a retest or new subtest(s) at Conejo Valley Adult School, the fee is $15 per subject area.

Note: Test fees are payable by credit/debit card, cash or money order made out to Conejo Valley Adult School. No personal checks are accepted.

A test-taker who originally took, but did not pass, the entire battery of 5 subtests at Conejo Valley Adult School is entitled 2 free retakes per subtest within a 12-month period from the original test date.

The test-taker can take each subtest up to 3 times in a calendar year (January - December).  After one year of the original test date, there will be a fee of $15 per subtest.

Conejo Valley Adult School offers only the computer-based version of the HiSET. If an individual has taken part or all of the paper-based test at another test location, he/she may take the remainder of the test or do any needed retesting as computer-based; in other words, "mix-and-match" of computer-based and paper-based testing is permitted.

Rescheduling, cancellation, no-shows & fee refunds
Rescheduling a testing appointment must occur no later than 3 business days before the scheduled exam date, not including the day of the appointment or of the request. Notification must be done in-person to avoid a fee. There is no charge to reschedule a test date up to 2 times. Additional rescheduling will require a $12 fee each time. A test-taker has 12 months from their original testing appointment to reschedule or retake each subtest. Past the 1-year anniversary, a $15 fee will be assessed at registration.

• Cancellations for the entire battery with advance notice but without rescheduling will be eligible for a partial refund of $25, which represents 50% of the HiSET base test fee (no refunds given for state or test center fees). No refund will be given for late cancellation.

• If one or more subtests from the battery have been taken or there is a late arrival or no-show, no refund will be issued and there will be a $10 per section rescheduling fee.

Exceptions to the above policies:
• events caused by the vendor or testing center location
• events beyond the control of all parties, to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
What combinations of subtests
may be taken on a given test date?
The actual length of time testing for the HiSET, which consists of Math, Reading, Writing, Science and Social Studies, is 7 hours, 5 minutes, not counting scheduled 10-minute breaks between subtests.

On each date that our test center is open, you may take the following subtests:

Any single subtest may be taken on one testing date

• Any two subtests may be taken on one testing date

• These combos of three subtests may be taken on one test day*:
......• Reading (65), Science (80), Social Studies (70); or
......• Math (90), Science (80), Social Studies (70); or
......• Math (90), Reading (65), Science (80)
; or
......• Math (90), Reading (65), Social Studies (70).
* number of actual testing minutes allowed is indicated in parentheses
Calculator Use for HiSET
The HiSET test is designed so that test-takers do not have to use calculators. However, there is an onscreen calculator embedded into the test. Alternatively, upon your request, a basic four-function physical calculator (+, -, x, ÷) will be provided for the entire math section of the HiSET. You may not use your own calculator; you may not use your cell phone's calculator.
Details about calculator use
Writing subtest score
The HiSET Writing subtest consists of 2 parts—one part with multiple-choice questions, the other consisting of an essay question. (Three sheets of physical scratch paper are provided by the test center for writing a draft of the essay, if the test taker chooses to do so. The written-up and any blank scratch paper must be returned to the test center administrator on conclusion of testing.) The maximum total score on the combined two parts of the Writing subtest is 20, with a minimum score of 8 needed to Pass this subtest. The essay counts for up to 6 of the 20 points, with a minimum of 2 required for passing the entire subtest. (The essay is scored by humans, not computers. Each reader awards a score of up to 6; if there is a discrepancy in their scores, a third person reads the essay, and the three readers determine the score.)

Example A:
You score 4 on the essay. So you need a minimum of 4 on the multiple choice in order to achieve the required 8 (out of 20) on the combined essay and multiple choice which comprise the Writing subtest.

Example B:
You score 1 on the essay. You cannot pass the Writing subtest, regardless of how you did on the multiple choice, since a minimum of 2 is required on the essay portion.
Spring 2020 Registration
Registration is closed for Spring. Fall 2020 registration will take place in Aug. 2020; exact date TBD.
Office hours
ESL/HSE office is located
in Room 6B. Office hours are:
9:00-11:30 a.m. Monday-Friday and 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. Monday.
Spring 2020 Program Dates
Jan 13 - May 22, 2020
Please inquire about no-school dates.

For more information, please contact dept. coordinator Diana Batista: 805-497-2761 ext. 1101; DianaB@ConejoAdultEd.org
For information about registering for the HiSET or GED test, contact test examiner Bonnie Kane at BonnieK@ConejoAdultEd.org
Disclaimer: Every attempt is made to provide accurate information, including dates and costs, on this website. We regret any inconvenience caused by inadvertent errors. For a given course, the student shall be responsible for the correct fee, rather than that which has appeared in error. NONE of the following shall be held responsible in any way for website or print-catalog errors/changes: Conejo Valley Adult Education / School, Conejo Valley USD, the webmaster, administrator, counselor, coordinator, instructor/teacher, secretary, or any other District employee.
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