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Writer's Program
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Memoir Writing
You have a story to tell and a family waiting to read it. Open up your memories and those moments that define you in this six-session class. Through research, writing and reading you’ll begin the journey to your memoir. Bring a notebook and pen.

Instructor: Kateri Alexander, PhD, has credits as a newspaper, magazine and cookbook editor and associate producer for a local NPR Morning Edition, and as a college writing instructor. She teaches writing and journaling workshops through her business Small Retreats. Her journaling blog is: http:// smallretreats.com/

6 Fridays
10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Oct 16 – Nov 20, 2015
Conejo Valley Adult School
Room 7B
Cost: $95
Seniors: $65
Plus $5 material fee to instructor
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Screenwriting Nuts & Bolts, Part 2

You have an idea for a screenplay, know the basics, maybe even have written a draft or two. Now what? This class is for students who have written or are writing a screenplay and need guidance to take that big leap toward creating something special. It will focus on developing a plot that works and sells, creating characters who are interesting and memorable and driving your story forward with detailed descriptions, heart-pounding action and smart, believable dialogue.

Instructor: Ed Kamen has been a professional script consultant, or “script doctor,” for 17 years on more than 50 films and television. He has been a guest lecturer for the American Film Institute, the 168 Film Project and at Pierce College.

4 Thursdays
6:30 – 8:30 pm
Jan 7 – 28, 2016
Conejo Valley Adult School
Room 7B
Cost: $75 plus $3 material fee to instructor
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Kathleen Galloway Rogan, Instructor
Creative Writing Workshop
This class offers exercises in creative expression, improvisation, visualization, and spontaneous writing. Story structure, character and grammar will be covered also. Journal writing, class assignments, and at-home writing projects launch you on a journey of discovery. No previous experience required.

Instructor: Kathleen Galloway Rogan is a writer, standup comedienne and creator of one-person shows.

10 Thursdays
7:30 – 9:30 pm
Sept 17 - Nov 19, 2015
Conejo Valley Adult School
Room 5A
Cost: $135 plus $15 material fee to instructor
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