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.Our Philosophy
We believe that by participating in the classroom, parents will gain an understanding of the developmental levels and abilities of children birth to 5 years of age, and continue to appreciate the importance of the parent's role in their child's life.
In The Parenting Program , parents actively experience a partnership in learning between the teacher, parent and child. Parents who are in touch with their child's development are better equipped to support the child's education, and communicate with teaching and administrative staff.
We believe that through observation, hands on experience and discussion, parents will expand their parenting skills.
Through the use of our child-initiated setting, which has been carefully structured with the child's needs in mind, parents observe and interact with their own children and the children of others, as well as teachers and peers.
We believe that parents will be more successful in raising their children when given the opportunity to further educate themselves about parenting issues.
A significant part of The Parenting Program curriculum includes opportunities for group and individual discussion sessions; access to materials from our extensive parenting library; and attendance at professional parenting and educational lectures, workshop, and events.
We believe that as parents become empowered through education and experience, and by taking an active role in their child's education and home life, they tend to continue this involvement throughout their child's formative years.
.Frequently Asked Question

What about Academics? I don't want my child to "fall behind."

In The Parenting Program multi-age classes, we do offer academics - we believe that academics should never be forced or administered through "rote learning", especially in preschool! The developmental approach to preschool is supported by scientific evidence and endorsed by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), the nation's largest professional association of early childhood educators.

Children "get" academics when their brains are ready to comprehend academics. This is determined by physical brain development, and each child is on a unique timeline. No amount of early exposure to academics will "help your child along" in any way until the neural connections in the brain are made and strengthened. This process is completed on Mother Natures' time line! Conversely, forced academics presented too early can turn a child off to learning - wouldn't you feel frustrated if you just couldn't "get" what the teachers were trying to show you, over and over again?

See example of how The Parenting Program teaches "academics," and view other Frequently Asked Questions.

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