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Come for your child, stay for yourself

The Parent Education Program is conducted at the Horizon Hills campus, 33 Greta Street, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360; click here for map. Phone us at 805-492-8837.

.Who We Are
The Parenting Program has been an integral part of the Conejo Valley Adult Education Program for over 30 years. We are not an accredited preschool, but instead an accredited Adult School (Western Association for Schools and Colleges) for adults who wish to learn about child development and actively participate with their children .

The Parenting Program is an alternative to a traditional preschool. Infant, toddler and two-year old classes require full parent participation at all class sessions. In classes for 3- to 5-year-olds, parents participate approximately once a week, and have the opportunity to leave the child in class during non-participation days. We welcome all students; mothers, fathers, and grandparents; students of all races, nationalities and religions.
.What We Do
The Parenting Program offers 40 different parenting classes and serves over 600 local families. Many of these families have participated in classes spanning a period of ten years or more! A tremendous feeling of camaraderie is fostered within our program. Relationships between parents and children are formed that last through the elementary school level into middle school, high school, and beyond. Alumni families are always welcome at annual functions. Please read "Our Philosophy" on The Parenting Program Home page, for a more detailed explanation of what we do.

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We are able to offer classes at a reasonable cost because we are partially funded by the Adult Education Department of the State of California . We are part of the Conejo Valley Unified School District . The students in our school are adults, and we are able to collect a.d.a. (average daily attendance) hours for the time parents are participating in class. This arrangement allows us to make our program affordable for all members of the community. For a current tuition fee list, please see The Parenting Program Registration page.
.Our Staff

Our teachers are the "cream of the crop". All teachers have a four year Bachelor's degrees plus a teaching credential from either the State of California , or the State of California Adult Education with emphasis in early childhood education (a two year program). Our teachers participate in continuing education as required by the State of California, and additional continuing education as offered by the Conejo Valley Adult School . (approximately 17 additional hours per year)

Our teacher retention is unparalleled in comparison with local preschools. The average career span of our current teaching staff with The Parenting Program is 15 years. Fourteen of our teachers have been students in the Parent Education classes with their children. Additionally, 83% of our teachers were graduates of our program prior to beginning a career with us.

Jennifer Anderson, Kathy Belleville, Bonnie Baruch, Debbie Bavaro, Kelly Cummings, Debbie Bavaro, Tom Donovan, Alissa French, Eilene Green, Marc Hagest, Dana Harris, Brenda Hunter, Tracy Johnson, Gail Kearney, Cheri LaGrotta, Sandy McGlynn, Gail McKenna, Jennifer Mundy, Kandy Ono, Debbie Owens, Danielle Senffner, Kathy Stelmar, Jill Smalling Bonnie Vandenberg, Gay Wilde
.Our Coordinator

Our Coordinator, Eilene Green, has been with The Parenting Program for close to 30 years, and with the Conejo Valley Unified School District for some 40 years. Eilene's educational specialty is brain growth and development, and she is an inspiration to children and parents alike. As a nationally recognized speaker, Eilene is truly the heart of The Parenting Program philosophy, and a valuable resource to the community.

Eilene is a seasoned presenter and consultant specializing in brain development and related fields. She has been honored as Keynote Speaker for the California Children's Home Society, CAEYC Ventura chapter, and at the Adult School Parent Education Conference in Sacaramento. She has presented annually (for the past 20 years) at the California State CAEYC annual conference. Eilene has been an active teacher in the multi-age TEAM class on the Horizon Hills campus, and is available to all students for private consultation

Her résumé includes speaking engagements with:

  • California School Nurses Association
  • NAEYC National conference Toronto
  • CSUN
  • Pierce College
  • Ventura College
  • Moorpark College
  • Oxnard College
  • Church and home child care groups
  • NFL (Neighborhoods for Learning) Program
  • CVUSD Kindergarten Readiness
  • Adult schools in San Diego , San Luis Obispo , and Santa Barbara Counties .
  • Annual Northern California and Southern California Kindergarten Conferences
  • Various private schools throughout California
  • CDC consultant for Calif. Community Colleges
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.Location & Contact Information

The Parenting Program
Horizon Hills campus,
33 Greta Street
Thousand Oaks , CA 91360

Phone number:

Fax number:

E-mail coordinator Eilene Green: EileneG@conejo.tec.ca.us

For UPS/FedX
or to visit The Parenting Program office:
Office Hours:
9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. M-F
during the public school year.
Parenting Program,
Horizon Hills Campus,
33 Greta St., Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
(cross street: Avenida De Las Flores)

The Parenting Program is a division
of Conejo Valley Adult School.

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For more information, call 805-492-8837, or e-mail Eilene Green at EileneG@ConejoAdultEd.org
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