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Parent Service Group (PSG)
What is the Parent Service Group (PSG)?
Parent Service Group’s (PSG) is a group made up of both teachers and parent volunteers. Its purpose is to enhance the school experience for both adult and child through communication and extracurricular activities.  Each school year, the PSG looks for new faces, new ideas, and new energy to make our parenting program memorable for all.

How does PSG add to  my parenting skills?
The PSG provides lots of benefits.  By participating in the PSG, you have the opportunity to build lasting friendships, take part in leadership roles, and enjoy the satisfaction of volunteer activism.  All of this helps to teach our children the importance of community involvement, and brings an enrichment of the school experience to everyone. Involvement in PSG opens the door for students wishing to understand what it takes to participate within the Conejo Valley Unified School District parent/teacher organizations such as PTA, PFA or School Site Council.
What does PSG do?
PSG organizes many events over the school year.  These events do several things.  Some are just enrichment and parenting skills building events. Others are fundraisers so we can have other events, or to raise money for campus beautification.  All are a whole lot of fun for those involved. 
What do you want from me?
We need parenting students to volunteer for these events to happen. You can do as little as helping to set up an event or as much as being the main coordinator for an event. 
Who can participate?
Events are for registered students, Parenting Program alumni and invited guests.
How do I get involved?/ What if I still have questions?
Talk to your teacher or Ms. Dana in room 2,
When are the meetings this year?
Meetings occur 12:30 to 1:30 in the office
Wed Sept 11, 2019
Tue Oct 8, 2019
Wed Nov 6, 2019
Tue Jan 7, 2020
Wed Feb 5, 2020
Tue Mar 3, 2020
Wed Apr 8, 2020
Tue May 5, 2020
Childcare is provided in the Room 2 yard.


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