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Ongoing registration—Fees prorated based on start date of classes

Ages 3-5 (Multi-Age)
2019-2020 Enrollment Information
Before enrolling in the Parenting Program, we ask that you tour the campus, located at Horizon Hills campus, 33 Greta Street, Thousand Oaks.
To schedule a tour or for additional information,
please call the Parenting Office, 492-8837, or send an email to:
Tracy Johnson, TracyJ@ConejoAdultEd.org; or GayleMcKenna, GayleM@ConejoAdultEd.org.
Here is general information about the program, as well as a sample enrollment form
• You are enrolling in a year-long Parenting class
• In our parent/child cooperative classes, experiences are structured so parent and children learn together
• All our teachers follow the same philosophy and teaching strategies
• Our fees are based on running a quality program with highly credentialed teachers
• We try to accommodate parent requests for a particular teacher or room
• There are two 18-week semesters or four 9-week quarters in a year
• Class fees are collected upon registration in the class
• Fees are prorated based start date in class (see below for fee information and discounts)
• We also offer Childbirth/Newborn/Toddler/Two-year-old classes for younger children and their parents, as well as Parent Enrichment classes during evenings and weekends
• For questions, please call our Parenting Office, 805-492-8837

Click Come Catch the Wonder for an beautiful Powerpoint overview of our playground. (Must have Powerpoint on your computer; may take a while to load but worth the wait. After you click, Powerpoint will be launched; switch over to the Powerpoint if your computer doesn't do so automatically, and you may need to double-click on the presentation again; & you may have to press the Play button/icon on the PowerPoint program.)

For more information, call 805-492-8837, or e-mail Eilene Green at EileneG@ConejoAdultEd.org
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