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These parental testimonials were submitted during our most recent WASC (Western Area of Schools and Colleges) accreditation process. They testimonials below represent just a small sample of more than one hundred personal testimonials received during our accreditation.

.'...amazing learning environment...'
"...There are not enough lines or pages to ever adequately express the amazing learning environment that is fostered in the Team class at Horizon Hills (campus). It is a place of common learning not only for the kids but most especially we parents.

Techniques regarding child rearing, discipline, and communication are modeled and/or explained on a daily basis. Their approach is well thought out and has a reason behind everything. Eilene Green and her staff are remarkable with their abilities to have an impact on so many lives. When a question may arise regarding our children, it is always answered thoroughly and wisely as well as the many books and articles that have been referred to me have been of great help and education.

The teachings, the modeling, the readings, the day to day interactions have enhanced our family and parenting skills in ways that could never be measured - our experience (Parent/child) has been priceless, measureless - in the team class at Horizon Hills. We feel grateful on a daily basis to be a part of such a magical place where the learning never ends.

Katie Creason"

.'...I've taken away so much information...that the school organizes....'
"...I can't say enough about the Horizon Hills Parenting Program. I've taken away so much information... that the school organizes. I've been exposed to so many exceptional speakers that have really shaped my habits as an effective parent to three children.

One of my favorite speakers was Jim Trelease, who taught me that I needed to continue to read to my children even after they learned to read themselves. I've also started to turn on the subtitles when they watch their videos. This has given my children a head start with their reading and writing skills. Another favorite speaker was Jane Nelson who emphasized the importance of raising independent, capable children. She gave me information for developing a trusting relationship with my children as well as the skills that will help my child to become a responsible adult.

Thank you, Horizon Hills for making me a better parent.

Joelle Mancuso"

.'...All my children are different... All are thriving and learning—This program has ......been instrumental..."

"...I have been enrolled in the Horizon Hills Parenting Program for the past nine years. All three of my children started in class at one year of age. I am a family Nurse Practitioner and had fairly extensive pediatric training and experience in my career. This program has been so incredibly valuable to me as a parent. I have learned so much about the development of kids, especially emotionally, that was never covered in my pediatric training. As a parent, I have learned so much about communicating with children of all different ages and helpful discipline techniques. Understanding the normal stages kids go through and how to deal with these has been great for both my husband and myself. I have also learned so much about development learning. All my children are different and all are thriving and learning - This program has been instrumental in their success and our family harmony.

Janel Perez"

.'...I asm so thankful for the opportunity to truly experience and be hands-on

"...I have been a student of the Conejo Valley Adult School Parenting Program since 2001, when my eldest son was two years old. I found camaraderie among other new parents, learned age appropriate activities from the experienced staff and most notably, found a resource where my questions could be answered.

When my next son was born, I was thrilled to be involved in this amazing program that welcomes siblings into Horizon Hills' unique multi-age classrooms. My sons thoroughly enjoyed the experience of going to school together. The year that they were in the same classroom was a once in a lifetime experience that they will always cherish.

With one more child slated to go through the Horizon Hills experience, I estimate that my "start to finish" period will span eight years. I am so thankful for the opportunity to truly experience and be hands-on involved in my children's early education. The skills I have learned encompass parenting techniques that will not only benefit my children in their pre-school years, but into adulthood.

Margery Walshaw
Thousand Oaks"

.'...just one testimony of something I learned in class and brought home..."
"...My First child was in Ms. Kandy's class.... As an elementary educator who relies on communication with others in similar situations, ie: new Moms groups, I felt pretty comfortable with my current child rearing practices.

However, at this time my son was three and I still would find me or my husband literally walking behind him "feeding" him. We'd be trailing him with a spoon full of food at home or a sandwich at the park. Not until we discussed "eating problems" in Ms. Kandy's class discussion did I realize we had a problem. She adamantly advised us to STOP the feeding and TRUST that our son would come to eat instead of relying on us. We were very hesitant to "trust" him, but within a few days.. he was sitting down and feeding himself! This is just one testimony of something I learned in class and brought home.


Patty Dellocono"

.'...I strongly recommend this class to any new parent....'

"...My son and I have really enjoyed our Parent/Toddler class. I have learned how important consistency and free play are. My son responds to the songs we have learned in class and specifically "cleans up" to the clean-up song. Free play also has shown me that there is a place to relax and just play. It is not necessary to structure every minute of the day. Evan responds well to this type of learning. There is a perfect balance of free play and structured time. It has also been great to have guided lectures. It has really opened my mind to considering the effects of television and lack of discipline have on my child. I strongly recommend this class to any new parent.

Jennifer Vallens"

.'...what I've learned and continue to learn...has been invaluable....'

"...To say that the actual act of parenting came as a rude awakening, is an understatement. I naively thought these skills would come naturally, as with childbirth. I was wrong on both counts. I could have opted for a "traditional" pre-school, where I let other people mold my children. But what I've learned and continue to learn in Mrs. Williams' class has been invaluable. Parenting is a life long process. To be able to come to a class and work with children other than my own has given me the insight to see situations from different perspectives. I would have to say the biggest challenge for me has been how to settle conflict. Leaning how to calmly find a resolution when it arises in a classroom has helped me to do the same when it happens between my own children. It's not easy. But when I look around and see other parents in the program dedicated to the same goal of bettering our parenting skills, it truly feels like a village.

Kathy Tawa"

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